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Featured Creators

Here you'll find our team of creators. We will expand and grow continuously with our community. Each of the creators are from different walks of life and they're all sharing their joy with us. Follow along and meet our people!

Meet 'Ferni'

of Ferni's Barbershop

Mark Fernicola is a man of who wears many hats both literally and figuratively. Ferni has been with our community since we met over ten years ago. An incredible, humble and consistent barber by day and a creative journeyman by night, Ferni finds ways to make all of us feel like part of his family. His love for American Traditional tattoo style can be felt in the influence of his paintings. You might even spot his day job peeking through his paints! Head over to the shop now to take home one of his original works!


Meet 'That Bearded Gamer'

Mason 'That Bearded Gamer' Ford is a man of many talents. His passion for creativity and hand crafted goods makes him a perfect fit for our community. While being an outstanding father and mentor to his peers, Mason has always been eager to share his passions with others. With talents ranging from artwork, to handcrafted leather work and most recently crafting DnD dice, Mason has grown quite the following!

Head over to the shop to grab some of his work

For custom work send an email to

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